Teen years can be complicated due to the multiple changes that occur during this development stage. Teenagers are often faced with identity issues, self-esteem issues, struggles with communication and decision-making skills.  As your therapist, I will assist you with identifying your narrative and hold a secured space so you are freely able to express your BIG feelings.  

As young adults and millennials, you are older and maybe a little wiser; it makes sense that the same anxiety, fear, self-doubt, or depression you experienced at home might follow you.  Or maybe the new environment and new expectations are causing new doubts, stresses, and fears.

  As we collaborate, I will walk with you in your journey of growth and help you achieve a better understanding of yourself.  The goal will be to equip you with the tools to embrace balance and adapt them to your everyday life


Individual Therapy

One on One session is provided for all ages.  I provide a space where it's okay to be you or feel the way you feel, especially if you’re feeling broken and beat down. During these individual sessions, we will explore and focus on the issues you report and present. In therapy, we can work through low self-esteem, stress & anxiety, depression, adjustment, and life transitional issues, and identity development. Help you rediscover "Who I am?" and build healthy relationships. 

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Family  | Parent Support

A  completely judgment-free, confidential support to help you parent at your best,  even when things are at their worst. It will be a collaborative process between you and me, which will help you discover how to better love, accept, connect and encourage your child.  I will collaborate with you to provide tools, ideas, and support.

Teen Support Group

COMING SOON! Our mission is to empower and support teenage girls and young women to identify and apply their power and voice as individuals and as a group, focusing on issues that are important in the lives of adolescent girls.
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"Feeling depressed or anxious does not make someone weak or crazy"


My approach is to always D.I.V.E into each session and help you...


My motivation and unique style of therapy is to always provide "Mo-In-Therapy", meeting you where you are and walking through the process at your own pace. The focus is to grow in your existing strengths and abilities. Through the therapeutic connection, we will engage in the process: D.I.V.E. This process will help you reflect and process your interactions and decisions in thoughtful and meaningful ways that will take you where you ultimately want to be. 

Discover your strength
Collaborating to pull and/or identify the many strengths that you have used

to manage difficult situations in the past and explore how you can apply

or tailor these techniques to your current situation.

Impowering change
Yes! Impower with an "I". This sets the tone for a more individual and/or personal motivation for change. Your motivation should not be for anyone else but you. Through this process, we will provide guidance and tools to help you make these changes.

Visualizing how things can be
Visualizing your goals and what your life or situation can be if we are more confident in ourselves, 

decision-making, and relationships. It helps give us a clear picture of what we'd like to achieve and a vision that it is, in fact, possible

Encouraging self-reflection
Holding a secure and safe space for you to reflect on your past and present. Self-reflection helps to build emotional self-awareness. This helps you gain a better understanding of your emotions, strengths, and weaknesses 

If you are ready to step into this challenge