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"The secret is that you must believe in what you can't yet see"

Talking about vision boards, goals for the new year, and "NEW YEAR NEW ME" etc... is cute, and everything. But what is the purpose if there is no intention around it? Are we doing it for the hype or truly doing it to be intentional?

Umm, let's sit with this question for a second.

As we come to the end of the year we look forward to fresh starts, resolutions, and goal setting. Personally, I always see the start of a new year as the perfect opportunity to realign myself on my path towards my dreams and goals. But you have to have the right mindset, preparation, and vision to put it together.

So let's dive into the 3 keys to creating your vision board...


First thing first, let's talk mindset, how can we cultivate a mindset to see the vision (that we want to create) and to act upon the vision?

It’s by being intentional. Yes! Setting intentions to take action. Whatever goals you set for yourself or changes you want to make, you have to have a mindset of intention.

With intention comes action, with action, comes steps and steps lead to your goals.

Before you start your vision board, you need to truly understand the meaning and purpose behind a vision board.

Take your time to answer these questions:

What is your WHY?

  • What motivates you?

  • What are you working toward?

  • Who do you want to be?

  • What do you want to do?

  • Where do you want to go?

  • What do you want to have?

These are questions to help you think and reflect on goals you want to set for YOU!

A vision board is more than cutting pictures and gluing them on the board. It is a fun and creative way to clarify your dreams and transform them into reality. What makes the vision board magic is choosing the pictures and words intentionally, and understanding that you have to put in work for the vision board to work.

"You must see it, feel it, and embody it."


  • Set the mood:

    • Create a space for you to reflect and be creative. Whether you invite friends or do this solo, light some candles, diffuse some essential oils, play uplifting or calming music, meditate, do whatever it takes to get you feeling relaxed, motivated, and inspired. Take this time for self-care and to put yourself as a priority.

  • Reflection:

    • Reflect on your year or even the last couple of months and think about which areas of your life you want to improve or grow in.

      • The different areas to think about include:

        • Health (Physical, Emotional, and Mental)

        • Career and Business

        • Relationship

        • Family

        • Spiritual

        • Financial and Wealth

        • Self-development

        • Social, Fun, and Recreation

  • Bucket List:

    • So this is one of the good parts! Imagine all the things you want to do, even the simplest things. Without thinking about the money and time, what will you want to achieve? Where will you want to go? Whom will you want to meet? What adventures will you want to go on?

    • Go ahead create a list and circle the ones you want to plan to do.

Whew, that's a lot. Don't worry, this is why I created this simple worksheet to help you jot down things and put them in perspective. With this worksheet, you will be able to unlock your creative potential and start to organize your goals with intentions.

And, guess what?! IT'S FREE!!!


It's time to create your board! Once you have completed your worksheet (click above to get this freebie), gather all your materials and put your vision to work. Create the magic of your future goals, intentions, or even things you want to do for the year.

There are no limits to how many things you want to put on your board! This is yours! It can be changed as many times as you want.

Always remember, you can start anywhere!

When you are done, hang it up somewhere visible, where you can see it daily to remind yourself of what you’re working toward, and to help you stay focused. Start creating action steps to achieve this vision, with no regrets.

  • Look to your vision board when you're feeling discouraged, lost, stuck, confused, frustrated, etc

  • Pull inspiration and motivation from your vision board when you're feeling these negative emotions.

Remember to be intentional to create action and see the vision flourish!

Until next time, HAPPY HOLIDAY & NEW YEAR!

Wishing you health, wealth and everything nice.

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