Teen Support Group

MADE: It’s A Girl Thang! is a teen support group intended to provide a safe place for teens to talk with peers dealing with similar issues with the support and guidance of an adult facilitator.

Teens, are you missing your friends? Feeling less motivated? Bored and out of ideas on what to do during your time? You are not alone! If you can relate, this group is for you!

The goal of support groups is to help members learn how to cope with issues while feeling accepted, heard, and understood.  We aim to help Girls learn life skills that will help them boost self-confidence, strengthen interpersonal relationships, develop empathy and connectedness, and cope more effectively with daily stressors.

How We Heal?

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Integrate mindfulness into everyday life to promote awareness and growth

Goals & New Skills

There is nothing quite like the power of accountability. Empower teens to create personal goals.


 Affirmations can help strengthen self-confidence and boost self-esteem

Safe and Supportive Environment

Holding a space to freely express yourself in a confidential group setting


learning how to transform our consciousness by tapping into our strengths, beliefs, values and attitudes to make healthy decisions

Knowing They are Not Alone

Acceptance! Feeling you belong and that you are not alone


utilizing our strengths and hidden gems to positively impact our own lives and the lives of other individuals and our community.


This will give teens the opportunity to offer each other advice and insight

You Are So In The Right Place!

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As our girls transition into womanhood, they face some challenging times, and our daughters today come up against obstacles that we ourselves have no experience with.
They are coming into their own, trying to figure out who they are, all while navigating this new and overwhelming digital world. 

With the support of peers, they will have the opportunity to feel seen, heard, and understood


$180 Early Registration!

Do Not miss this special rate!!! $180 for 7 weeks. 

Full payment required! No payment plan accepted for the special rate.

Group Details

Our groups are for Middle and High School students ages 12-17 years old. 

Groups are offered in two tracks: Middle school series & High school series. Virtual and In-person available

Dates: Next group starts on June 28th

Group Frequency:  6-7 weeks/ Once a week meetup

Group Time:  7 PM – 8:30 PM

Group Cost*: $30/session – $210 total

(payment plans available/FULL payment is due at Pre Screening)

*Please note that this is not a therapy service and it is not covered by insurance. 

Pre-registration and screening are required. 

Ready to register now? Click the link below to get started!

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