Let's Get Started

“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen."

-Brene Brown

One of the most important factors of therapy is the therapeutic alliance you are able to form with your therapist. Start with scheduling your complimentary 15-minute consultation with me. I will answer any question you may have and you can be sure that we are a good fit. 
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What is the process like?

The Discovery

This starts at the complimentary 15 min consultation. We will connect over what brings you to therapy, and see if we are a good fit. 

I will answer any questions you may have.


The Connection

The connection evolves more during the first meeting. We will go over the documentation and complete assessments. We will have the opportunity to DIVE deeper into learning more about you and what factors may be leading to the current concerns. 


The Collboration

Now at this stage of your journey, we will collaborate together to create a plan that will include your identified goals and objectives. This will also help determine the type of interventions that will best meet you and/or your child's needs.


The Journey

The journey continues with weekly/biweekly sessions, which will be based on your needs. Throughout the journey, you will learn new tools and strategies to apply to your everyday life to have a sense of relief from the factors that lead you to therapy.



Investing in you:


  • Beyond Balance Counseling Solutions LLC accepts major credit cards and HSA as forms of payment

  • Zelle and Paypal are accepted as well. 

  • We do not accept insurance at this time.


Cancellation/No shows or Late Fees

  • If an appointment is canceled with less than 24-hour notice, or if you do not show for a scheduled appointment, you will be charged the full fee, which must be paid before your next scheduled session.